Points For Attention

1.It is strictly forbidden to touch the positive and negative stages of batteries and metal sheets of charging port by hands or metal articles. 

2.It is forbidden to cover anything on the charger when charger is charged! When the battery is chargered fully (the charger lamp changes from red to green), the charger can be unplugged! No charging more than 24 hours! 

3.When the water level has passed the controller or motor, the power should be turned off and the vehicle can not run through water when the water leave is near to the controller or motor. Wait for the electric system to be dried before it is powered on! 

4.When the temperature is too high in summer, if you find that the temperature of the controller is too high and hot, you should stop and wait for the temperature to drop before continuing to use. If the temperature of the battery connection line is too high, you can thicken the battery connection line, or suspend the use of the battery connection line until the temperature drops, so as to avoid the melting and burning of the outer skin of the connection line caused by too high temperature!

5.All cables should not be placed in friction areas to avoid leakage and sparking.

6.Check regularly whether the main parts (such as motor, rear axle, front suspension, steering systemelectrical system) screw is looseAll threads must be tightened

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